Dark Chocolate Candied Pecans (1 - 9 oz bag total weight)

Dark Chocolate Candied Pecans (1 - 9 oz bag total weight)

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Our original candied pecanse but with a sweet coating of dark chocolate. Crunchy cinnamon flavor on the first bite and dark chocolate on the last.  You'll keep telling yourself "Just one more" until the bag is empty.


    Ingredients: Pecans, sugar, dark chocolate, cinnamon, egg, butter, salt.


    *Contains: Tree nuts, egg, and cinnamon. These are known allergens to some people.


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  • Allergen Info

    *contains or may have come in contact with tree nuts, ground nuts, egg, dairy, cinnamon, soy, wheat.

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    This is an item that requires insulated shipping materials to ensure it arrives to you properly.  This means that the additional cost of materials is already factored into the price.  This does not cover the actual cost of shipping.

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