Richland Rum Chocolate Truffles

Richland Rum Chocolate Truffles

SKU: chocolatetruffle

Soft creamy chocolate inside infused with the one and only Richland Rum and finished off by being dipped in chocolate.  It's definitely one of a kind.  


*cost of insulated shipping materials already factored into price


*Contains approximately 30-35 pieces

  • Ingredients

    milk chocolate, cream, rum, butter

  • Allergen Info

    May contain or have come in contact with tree nuts, ground nuts, egg, dairy, cinnamon, soy, wheat

  • Insulated Item

    This is an insulated item that requires insulated shipping materials to ensure that it arrives safely. Any additional costs to cover insulation is already factored into the price.  This does not cover the cost of actual shipping, just the materials.

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